Tatum & Nate

The story behind this invitation will blow you away. Tatum, renowned jewelry designer of Love Tatum came to me with a clear vision.  She definitely wanted to find a way to work in her love for all things gemstones. I did so by simply tying in one foil stamped diamond shape that encased a soft pearl foil stamped constellations, which appeared to almost not be there. 

The liners were to represent the galaxy and alignment of stars during the autumnal equinox. I watercolor painted the liner, took a high resolution photo and then added some stars. I also used the constellations from the details to be foil stamped in gold. For the sweetest touch, Tatum and Nathaniel was also foil stamped on the envelope liner. 

The fern is representative of  Nate's love of greenery, as he is a landscape architect. A fern frond was blind embossed into the 184lb Reich Savoy cardstock, with gold foil stamp overlay. 

Tatum and Nate did decide to forgo a traditional RSVP and instead had an insert with their website. These were individually water color painted. 

The announcement was wrapped with thin gold threading.  

Photography by Amy Lynn Photography