Personally my favorite invitation ever!! Hehe. I designed my own wedding invitations. These were a piece of cake to design, as I knew exactly what emotion I wanted to evoke and story I wanted to tell.  Iain and I had our reception at The Pearl Hotel, which has this amazingly cool Mid Century style. On the patio of the Newlywed suite, they have a lantern that casts a geometric shadow in the evening. Thus, that was my inspiration for the main invite. I knew I wanted something that was striking yet simple and clean. The geometric design is something that only our guests would piece together once they arrived at the hotel and saw the shadow. To keep the design subtle, it was blind emboss printed into the invitation.

I wanted to bring an element into the invitation that felt organic and  symbolic of our relationship. A natural intermingling. Thus, I decided to use the pattern from the mineral malachite. Which I find striking as it has green and black coloring marbled fantastically into beautiful patterns. I chose this specifically, because I felt that the black represented me and the emerald represented  my husband (who is from Ireland).  

The Pearl Hotel is a pretty swanky place, so we decided to create a sexy black suede card with foil stamp printing of the room number of the after party. 

For an added touch of fun and our personalities, our RSVP envelope had a gold foil stamped pinata. Our outer envelopes had a gold shamrock foil stamped on the flap. 


Photography by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Styling by Layered Vintage

Calligraphy by Twinkle & Toast