Thank you so much for stopping by and meeting with me. 

I'm Nic. A lover all of things paper, modern and minimal, blue, green, textured, soulful and diverse .  I have a deep passion for detail. Capturing a love story within the smallest or most abstract of ideas and details is my strength. I am an artist. I don't believe in the words, "just paper".

With over ten years of experience,  I started my journey as an invitation designer, and like most creative individuals, I began to change my direction and test out new waters. In 2014, I began using a CO2 laser that a friend had let me play with. Over the course of the next three years, I would begin to specialize in all things laser cut. From large scale signage sized at 8 ft x 20 ft, powerful art installations, tiny custom cocktail drink stirrers, and custom fabrication of light fixtures, a new phase of my business was born. This new direction has helped me grow my community, allowing me opportunities to work with small and corporate businesses alike, growing my exposure to exciting new ideas, approaches, and art. 

I am always on standby for opportunities that will ignite inspiration, challenge and push me far beyond my limits, and ultimately help me grow into a more creative human being who can help make this world a more beautiful place. 

I look forward to getting to know more about you and creating art. 

BONUS NOTES: I'm a huge fan of jazz and Scotch. 


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