Brittanny & austin

An Irishman walks into a pub in the 1930s... that's where this story begins. Brittanny and Austin were full of nostalgic yearnings for a wedding that encompassed their passion for art nouveau, literature, and all things Irish pub. My intention was to create a masculine feeling of being submersed in pub life, long ago reading Ernest Hemingway and sipping on a heavy stout. 

I went detail heavy with typography, to show off  flair and texture, and encompass the feeling of actually reading periodical in a pub from way back. I brought in subtle touches of art nouveau. All the pieces came together and were put into a pocket card holder. which slipped into a silver offset vellum sleeve. The sleeve contained a collection of their favorite quotes, again a nod to their love of literature.

The invitation was offset and foil stamp printed with silver foil detailing. 


Photography by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

and Melissa Biador Photography