Amanda came to me with a vision of simplicity meets the ocean. She wanted more than anything to avoid a traditional beach design; palm trees, water, the beach, and even excluding the color blue. She wanted to somehow bring in the colors of sea glass (variations of green). Alas, I decided to present the idea of sand and water. Instead of using graphics of waves and such, I altered watercoloring to look like foam and the colors of sea glass, splashing wild and free. We used the watercolor design as their envelope liners. This was the loudest piece, symbolizing the ocean. The tranquility was presented in the invitation suite itself. Minimal design; clean with specks of sand in one corner. 

The envelope liners were digitally printed to achieve the bold colors. Invitation was foil stamped with gold and digitally printed in a slate gray. 

Photography by By Amy Lynn Photography

Styling by Nic Roc Designs